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About Us


About Medi-Aid

Medi-Aid Centre Foundation, a Public Benevolent Institution and Registered Charity, was founded in 1973 by Dr John F Knight AM and his wife Noreen V Knight, RN.

Our mission is helping the elderly, particularly those who are frail, lack family support and housing and have no additional funds.

The foundation currently cares for around 500 people, 30% of whom contribute to the “resident funding housing scheme”.

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What we do


Benevolent Activities

The core activity for Medi-Aid is to purchase and maintain units for the accommodation of financially disadvantaged elderly people in Sydney and the Gold Coast. At any one time our properties accommodate between 300 to 400 people.

Elderly woman undertaking an eye examination

Intraocular Lens

Medi-Aid provides the cost of replacement intraocular lenses (IOL) for elderly people who cannot afford health benefits, have little cash and are deemed to be too urgent to remain on the waiting list of a public hospital. Medi-Aid has funded over 600 IOLs at a cost of $1.3 million.

Our strength lies in the people we help, fulfilling their dreams of a carefree, peaceful retirement. Something we believe every Australian should have the right to enjoy ~ David Knight

Meet us

Our Committee

Dr Geoffrey Heise



Dr John Beattie

Dr John Beattie

OAM M.B. B.S.University of Sydney. F.R.A.C.P
Dr Carolyn Catton

Dr Carolyn Catton

MBBS , Dip.Fam. Med.
Mr David Knight

David Knight

JP, B.Comm (Land Ec), AAPI, MAICD


Dr Anne Swain

Dr Anne Swain

BSc, Dip Nutrition & Diet, PhD, Adv
Dr David Swain

Dr David Swain

BLegS, Dip Crim, LLM
Petrina Zaphir

Ms Petrina Zaphir

OAM B Arts (Journalism) MEAA

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