Other Housing & Repurposing

Medi-Aid is repurposing all Retirement Village Units in Kooloora Retirement Village as they become available and all units in Stage 1 of Vimiera Retirement Village. These will be used for low rental accommodation for eligible elderly residents.

Kooloora Village


The subject property is approximately 130m from the North Epping Public School. Boundary Road is also accessible from Norfolk Road in the west and Malton Road in the east.

The property is located in the Hornsby Shire Council and has an area of approximately 5,424 sq m and faces south. The property is almost ofT shape with two street frontages to Boundary Road to the south of approximately 36.58m and Douglas Avenue to the north of approximately 66.09m. Side boundaries are irregular, but the depth of the property is approximately l 03.45 m to the west and approximately 110.52m to the east. Upon the land are 30 self care units and associated community centre that comprise the retirement village.

Vimiera Village


The subject property is approximately 130m from the intersection of Epping and Vimiera Roads in the south. Vimiera Road is also accessible from Waterloo Road in the north.

The property is located in the City of Ryde and has an area of approximately 2.447 Ha and faces east. The property is almost of rectangular shape with a street frontage to Vimiera Road of approximately 102.695m and the rear boundary of approximately 123.5 m. The side boundaries extend approximately 198.6m. The south east corner has an area of approximately 40m x 20 m for the adjoining property, being a single 2 bedroom residence on a separate title. Upon the land are 92 self care units and 52 assisted living apartments and associated community centre that comprise the retirement village.


Medi-Aid owns and operates a substantial number of Real Estate Properties. These properties are used to assist Medi-Aid carry out its Mission. This is essentially to provide housing accommodation for elderly persons and providing medical and health benefits for men and women in Australia, with an emphasis on benevolent care for those of limited or no financial resources. Medi-Aid properties come under the following categories:


For persons with no home, no funds and a serious housing problem.


Housing accommodation together with assistance in everyday living (meals, laundry, domestic work, and similar services).


Medi-Aid also own properties from which it obtains rentals which are used to support its benevolent activities in other areas of accommodation.


Accommodation is provided for elderly persons, often infirm, who require a smaller area for their accommodation, but need supervision, and support, and on call emergency services, and outside work carried out by others, and are able to assist in the funding.