Fundraising Properties

1 Moriarty Road, Chatswood

The subject property is approximately 1 km south from Chatswood railway station. Moriarty Road is accessible from the Pacific Highway in the east and Whitton Road in the west. The land goes through to Fehon Road in the north.

The properties are within the Willoughby City Council. The subject properties comprise three buildings. Two main buildings being three storey walk up style residential dwellings of brick and tile construction and contain 48 one bedroom units (24 each) of 50 sq m with basement car parking. One building faces Moriarty Road (known as 1 Moriarty Rd) and the other faces Fehon Road (known as 2 Fehon Rd). Access to both buildings is via two stairwells per building that opens to their respective roads. In between these buildings is a small pavilion.

12 Harvard Street, Gladesville

The subject property is 0.3km from the Gladesville shopping precinct on Victoria Road. Harvard Street is accessible from Pittwater Road in the south and Cambridge St in the north.

The property is located in the City ofRyde and has an area of 969 sq m. The property is of rectangular shape with a street frontage to Harvard Street of 20.12m and both side boundaries extend 45.72 m. Upon the land is a 3 story building of brick and tile construction estimated to be completed in the early 1970’s. The building comprises 15 units of which 12 are 2 bedroom of approximately 60 sq m and 3 are l bedroom approximately 40 sq m. The ground floor contains 10 under building car spaces, 2 hot water heater rooms, 2 laundries and 4 store rooms. Access to the units is via a single tiled staircase. The site has an additional 5 external car spaces.

27 - 35 Doomben Avenue, Eastwood

The subject property is 0.65km north from Eastwood railway station on Railway Parade. Doomben Avenue is accessible from Blaxland Road in the north and May Street in the south.

The property is located in the Hornsby Shire Council and has an area of 4407 sq m of irregular shape. Upon the land are four 3 story buildings of brick and tile construction, known as ‘A’, ‘B’,’C’ and ‘D’ respectively. The development has a featured mansard roof and was completed in the mid 1980′ s. The buildings comprise 48 units of which all are 2 bedroom ranging in area from 55 sq m to 60 sq m. Each block contains 12 units. The land slopes away from the street enabling the ground floor area to contain a total of 48 under building lock up garages, 4 large storerooms, 2 hot water heater rooms and a gardener’s toilet. Access to the units is via a single staircase in each building. The site has additional external car spaces for off street visitor parking.

36 Fontenoy Road, North Ryde

The land of the property is located on the north side of Fontenoy Road, North Ryde, which is approximately 1.0km from Macquarie Shopping Centre. Fontenoy Road is accessible from Lane Cove Road in the east and Khartoum Road in the west.

The property is located in the City of Ryde and has an area of approximately 1.045 hectares. The site is irregular in shape and has a street frontage to Fontenoy Rd of approximately 92.47m. The site is gently sloping away toward the rear and more steeply laterally towards the eastern boundary to a public reserve. Upon the land is 62 residential units in a mix of 32 x 1 bedroom and 30 x 1 bedroom plus den configuration made from two brick and tile buildings. Basement car parking for 70 cars in a secure L shape layout corresponds to the footprint of the building. Access to the units is via 7 separate stairwells. Construction was completed in December 2004.

582 Pacific Highway, Chatswood

The subject property is approximately 1.0km from Chatswood railway station, located between Moriarty Road and Fehon Road. The subject property faces east.

The property is within the Willoughby City Council. The subject property comprises of an older (circa 1930) factory building of brick construction. The roof is of sawtooth design of asbestos fibro cement. The building is currently leased to Muskking Pty Limited who trade as a franchisee of Amber Tiles on a long term lease basis. The lettable area of the building is 565 sq m. Off street access to the rear of the property is via a 70m access road from Moriarty Road.


Medi-Aid owns and operates a substantial number of Real Estate Properties. These properties are used to assist Medi-Aid carry out its Mission. This is essentially to provide housing accommodation for elderly persons and providing medical and health benefits for men and women in Australia, with an emphasis on benevolent care for those of limited or no financial resources. Medi-Aid properties come under the following categories:


For persons with no home, no funds and a serious housing problem.


Housing accommodation together with assistance in everyday living (meals, laundry, domestic work, and similar services).


Medi-Aid also own properties from which it obtains rentals which are used to support its benevolent activities in other areas of accommodation.


Accommodation is provided for elderly persons, often infirm, who require a smaller area for their accommodation, but need supervision, and support, and on call emergency services, and outside work carried out by others, and are able to assist in the funding.