Annual Report

Medi-Aid Centre Foundation Limited

Annual Report 2021

Our Mission

Undertake and assist in undertaking benevolent assistance for aged men and women irrespective of creed, class or colour, within the Commonwealth of Australia and without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing provision shall have power to do or to assist in doing any or all of the following things namely: –

  1. (a)  To establish and maintain living units for the accommodation and care of elderly or elderly-infirm people.

  2. (b)  To assist the general good of all old people in the Commonwealth of Australia by carrying out and assisting the work of statutory authorities and voluntary organisations engaged in respect of old people in providing facilities for physical and mental recreation, developing physical improvement, furthering health, relieving sickness, or in pursuing any objects which are benevolent.

  3. (c)  To organise co-operation in the achievement of the above purposes and to that end bring together in committee representatives of the authorities and organisations engaged in the furtherance of the above purposes or any of them within the Commonwealth of Australia and to carry out a variety of enterprises to help operate and fund their activities within the framework of its Memorandum of Association.

Our Vision

Providing more affordable accommodation for those elderly persons in need now and for the future generations.

Our History

Medi-Aid Centre Foundation (Medi-Aid) is a PBI (Public Benevolent Institution) a non-profit Charity incorporated in 1973, at Eastwood, by Dr John F Knight AM and his late wife Noreen V Knight, a Registered Nurse.

Its mission is helping the elderly, across all socio-economic levels, but with emphasis on those who are frail, have no family support, no home and do not have back up funds from other sources.

In all about 500 persons currently are cared for. Of these, about 30 per cent assist in funding called “resident funding housing”. This is similar to the system used by most churches, community and similar groups although Medi-Aid is much more generous than most.