Medi-Aid Centre Foundation Limited’s core activity is provision of housing accommodation for elderly persons living in Australia. Although this is applicable to persons 55 years and older, in practice this usually involves persons in their seventies and over. There is no upper age limit, and historically many have been in their eighties.

There is an emphasis on needs. The majority of residents (often called “delegates) have no funds, do not own a home and do not have access to accommodation from friends or relatives or the government. Most rely solely on the old aged pension. They are often frail and may suffer from health disabilities, although majority can still care for themselves day by day. However, may also require basic domestic care, linen laundry, emergency call service and provision of meals.

Benevolent Activities

  • Maintain units for the accommodation and care of elderly or elderly infirm people in Sydney.
  • Maintain and purchase units in Surfers Paradise for the financially disadvantaged elderly and allowed them to rent at less than half the commercial rates.
  • Provide managers, carers, cleaners, kitchen staff for the residents of Vimiera Village especially for our Assisted Living section.
  • Provide Assisted Living units for elderly residents needing low level care at no entry cost.
  • Repurpose units for the financially disadvantaged elderly in our Retirement Villages and allowed them to rent at less than half the commercial rates